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QuTrust mobile application is a diagnostic tool that performs in-depth analysis of mobile device's internal & external components and sensors.The app performs comprehensive "Health Checkup" of the mobile in real-time and assigns a score and certifies health of the product.

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At QuTrust, we firmly believe that resale value is the best objective indicator of product quality. If you wanted to figure out the best cell phone, you could look at all the reviews, test out all the phones, talk to all the experts, but still your assessment will be subjective.


Our Solutions

We provide mobile solutions for returns management, mobile exchange, service&repair and mutli device diagnostics solutions. Our expertise enables us to provide a comprehensive service and take care of all aspects of your device.

What we help Sabber

Multi Device Diagnostics Solution

  • Post Production Testing
  • MES & Packaging Integration
  • OQC & IQC
  • Business Reporting
  • Device Standardisation & Compliance

Key Founders

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Soumitra Gupta

Founder, CSO

Soumitra Gupta is a known name in the service and repairs industry. A profound businessman having businesses across business verticals and has a passion for bringing innovative service solutions to the market. He founded Aforeserve, a leading player in computing devices repair, in the year 2000 with the chief objective of establishing...

Tarun Anand

Founder, CTO

Tarun is a technology evangelist and a serial entrepreneur for the last 20 years having successfully formed multiple tech organizations. Tarun has a rich technology background having worked for Microsoft Corporation, Redmond and Microsoft India from 1995-2004.



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