QuTrust  mobile application is a diagnostic tool that performs in-depth analysis of mobile device's internal & external components and sensors.
The app performs comprehensive "Health Checkup" of the mobile in real-time and assigns a  QuTrust score and certifies health of the product.


  • Comprehensive testing of 60+ hardware components and sensors.
  • Real time reporting and scoring of device in all tests.
  • Instant result and price value determination.
  • Universal support for all versions of Android and iOS.
  • Digital certificate on device health that can used across industry.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) based model that enables end customer to download, test and submit report automatically.
  • Eliminates need to take device to a test center for internal examination.

Benefits to Consumer:

  • Easily test and use the digital certificate for trading device.
  • Find true price value of device.
  • Test health of device to find potential issues proactively.

QuTrust - Proactive Device Care

QuTrust Proactive Device Care mobile application is a continous device monitoring software that proactively checks your mobile device for any potential faults and helps troubleshoot issues to enable you take better care of your device and prolong it's lifetime.


  • Proactively monitors and identifies issues with device.
  • Works silently in the background 24x7.
  • Provides troubleshooting actions to improve device health.

Benefits to Consumer:

  • Preventive device health care.
  • Improved device performance and lifetime


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